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Access Tables Via RFC RFC READ TABLE give you the ability to code the where clause which is quite enough EKS enters the fray of container orchestrator options.

Rfc read table options c. Hi all gurus for my requirement I need to convert a selection from a select option into a WHERE condition, in order to make a remote query using RFC READ TABLE fm

Hi all I am trying to access COEP table through RFC READ TABLE function But it keeps giving me this error EXCEPTION DATA BUFFER EXCEEDED RAISEDI have. Retrieving Data from SAP using C readTable GetTable OPTIONS of columns you are returning to use RFC READ TABLE or use other FM s to retrieve data in.

Jitterbit Success Central Page tree Click on Options RFC READ TABLE limitations can be overcome if a custom RFC is used. Hi all, In RFC TABLE READ as I can put in an option like when the field type like XXXX It s more if someone could tell which are the operators that exist in the.

I used the Funtion ModuleRFC READ TABLE but I do not know what do I make in the parameters of QUERY TABLEKNB5' TABLES OPTIONS FIELDS.

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Hello, I am trying to retrive the data using RFC READ TABLE can any one help me with sample code in c net I am creating a web application which needs to retrieve. I try to get data from table LFBKbank data for vendor Here is my VBA code to get data, it s not works Anyone can suggest me what s wrong Thank you very much Anek.
Need help, I m trying to get sales data from SAP Using RFC READ TABLE, but don t know how to pass OPTIONS and FIELDS parameters. Datasheet for all SAP objects: domain, data element, table, view, class, function module, report, transaction code, IMG nodes, SAP Menu, etc.

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Hello, I m trying to define a where clause for the RFC READ TABLE function like so: RFC READ TABLE KNA1 OPTIONS Rows Add OPTIONS Value 1, 1. This is not going to be rocket science, but after searching SCN for some time not finding the answer code I needed, but realizing that many people have the same.

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