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Stock repair options. The stock repair strategy is ideal for an investor holding a stock position on which he has an unrealized loss , would be satisfied to simply break even.

What is the Stock Repair e detailed explanations , examples on how to use the Stock Repair options strategy

How To Use The Repair Strategy All options expire worthless and you get to keep the premium from the written calls stock increases to60 per share. Equity Option Strategies Stock Repair The workshop is designed to assist individuals in learning how options work and in understanding various.

Stock Repair Strategy Definition An options trading strategy designed to quickly recover value loss from a drop in share price using stock options.

You did your homework, picked a great stock, totally undervalued and ready for a nice price rise However, after you bought the stock, the damn thing goes and drops 20. Where the investor has bought a stock which has subsequently fallen in price, the stock repair strategy may enable the investor to breakeven without the stock.

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